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Conversations With Future Leaders® Virtual Lessons 

Established in 2012, the Conversations With Future Leaders® program (CWFL) is an interactive course that helps to build the self-esteem of students of all grade levels. The program is composed of activities, articles, videos, and individual reflections. The virtual program is adapted from the in-person CWFL program which focuses on hair 
(texturism), colorism, and body size positivity, which is not usually a focus in classrooms. These issues play a role in how students view themselves and can adversely affect their academic, personal, and future success. In every lesson, students are challenged to deconstruct societal standards of beauty and define beauty by their own terms. Explore the Virtual CWFL program.

The Lesson Plan

Smiling Woman

Learn to Love your Hair Texture

Your texture is gorgeous.

 Students learn to appreciate their hair whether it is Natural, permed, locs, braids, coloring, etc.

Learn to Love your Skin Tone

Your skin tone is radiant

Students take a historical journey on colorism and learn to love their skin complexion.

Enjoy the Moment
Beautiful plus size female model dressed

Learn to Love your Body Size

You are beautiful at any size

Students learn to challenge the concept that beauty is based on a specific size.


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